FAAPI very proudly announces a two-session webinar by Prof. María Cristina Thomson, M.A.

The Secrets Pictures Conceal. Basic tools to unveil them and to interpret their meaning – NEW DATES –

The Secrets Pictures Conceal. Basic Tools to Unveil them is intended for teachers, librarians, parents and reader-viewer enthusiasts who find it challenging making sense of iconic texts. Basically a “how-to” workshop, it will provide attendees with a toolbox ready for use, which will empower them to read and interpret iconic texts.

A discovery experience not to be missed – particularly by professionals / adults in daily contact with children and yopung people, who are intuitively familiar with the language of multimodal texts.

Additionally, the insight and awareness gained by this understanding will allow attendees to hone skills essential to stimulate conversations, enliven class discussions and sharpen students’ visual thinking skills. Why wait to tune-in?



Online seminar targeted to beginning teachers:

Reading, reviewing and writing for publication

Tutors: Profs. Ma. Susana Ibañez and Raquel Lothringer

Many teachers face time constraints, un favourable work conditions as well as considerable distance from learning centres. We are aware that those constraints fail to encourage the exploration of the amount of bibliography available in the field, critical thinking about present-day issues or the discussion of theoretical and critical problems.

In order then to cater for the needs of these teachers, we propose an online seminar which will target the writing of an acaemic genre we deem more accesible to fearful writers: the book review.