Pearson Professional Development Webinars: Developing Individuals

FAAPI EC is pleased to announce an agreement with PEARSON by which FAAPI will support a professional development project starting February 2019 with an interesting benefit for FAAPI members with dues to date. During 2019 these members may access the webinars at a special discount. The CPD sessions will be delivered by specialists in the area of individual development within the general topic of education, such as assessment, digital literacy, emotional intelligence and gaming, to mention just a few. Stay tuned and if based in Argentina contact your Teacher Association as from February 15.

For more information, click here: http://www.pearson.com.ar/PDevelopment/


We are offering a new online course, organised and delivered by Raquel Lothringer, María Susana Ibáñez and Flavia Bonadeo.

Reading, rhyming and riddling in the EFL class: materials development to teach English through literature

Though conferences, journals, symposiums, webinars, Moocs, academic networks and the like provide numberless opportunities for lifelong learning and in-service education, comparatively speaking, in these spaces of academic exchange, literature and the teaching of literature in the EFL class are given a Cinderella corner. For this reason and because the tutors consider teachers of English can innovate in their daily practice by introducing literary texts in their lessons, in this course they propose to put in the limelight some literary texts available through new media, to co-design materials for different contexts and to discuss their pedagogical potentialities.

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Revised Version (February, 27 2019)

FAAPI is proud to announce Daniel Fernandez Scholarship for first- time speakers at a FAAPI Conference
Prof. Daniel Fernández

Prof. Dr. Daniel Fernández
(1954 – 2012)

Daniel Fernández
Profesor Nacional de Inglés y MA Lingüística Aplicada, Didáctica Específica de Lenguas Extranjeras y Tecnologías Educativas. Universidad de Durham. Reino Unido. Doctor en Ciencias del Lenguaje. Facultad de Lenguas de la Universidad Nacional de Córdoba. Autor de Interactive Computer-Mediated Teacher Training: Supporting Change in a Process of Educational Reorientation (2000) y Humanities On Stage. Elementary. Longman. Pearson Education (2001). Profesor Titular Ordinario y Coordinador Relaciones Académicas Internacionales y del Centro de Idiomas de la Universidad Nacional del Litoral. Profesor de Lingüística Aplicada. Profesorado y Licenciatura en Letras. Facultad de Humanidades. UNL. Profesor de Lingüística del Discurso. ISP N° 1 y Lingüística General, ISP N° 8, Santa Fe. Investigador Categoría 1 (Programa Nacional de Incentivos). Director de la Licenciatura en Español Lengua Extranjera. Facultad de Humanidades y Ciencias UNL.

This scholarship was set up by the FAAPI Executive Committee with funds generated by the FAAPI Conference itself. It aims to help a teacher or teacher educator from Argentina to attend and present at the FAAPI Annual Conference for the first time.

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Revised Version (March, 08 2019)

GALA AWARD (Good Attendance and Loyalty Award)


FAAPI wants to express a well-deserved recognition to all the FAAPI Conference goers who attend our annual conference, even if it has meant making some significant sacrifices to attend them, and have loyally maintained close ties with their local association. This also applies to those who have helped to transform our yearly meeting NOT ONLY into the niche for both academic and professional advancement AND for sharing practical ideas and theory-driven methods, but also for creating social relations and unforgettable anecdotes.

A FAAPI Conference is in itself a challenging project, a utopian legacy and a real mandate to make it a federal experience. These are the underlying arguments which have made each Association bring these professional get-togethers into existence, in settings as diverse as metropolitan or provincial capital cities or small-town locations nationwide. Our loyal FAAPI conference goers can attest to that. The Gala Award is our humble expression of gratitude and appreciation.

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