FAAPI is proud to announce 2016 Daniel Fernandez Scholarship for first- time speaker at a FAAPI Conference

Prof. Daniel Fernández

Prof. Dr. Daniel Fernández (1954 – 2012)

Daniel Fernández
Profesor Nacional de Inglés y MA Lingüística Aplicada, Didáctica Específica de Lenguas Extranjeras y Tecnologías Educativas. Universidad de Durham. Reino Unido. Doctor en Ciencias del Lenguaje. Facultad de Lenguas de la Universidad Nacional de Córdoba. Autor de Interactive Computer-Mediated Teacher Training: Supporting Change in a Process of Educational Reorientation (2000) y Humanities On Stage. Elementary. Longman. Pearson Education (2001). Profesor Titular Ordinario y Coordinador Relaciones Académicas Internacionales y del Centro de Idiomas de la Universidad Nacional del Litoral. Profesor de Lingüística Aplicada. Profesorado y Licenciatura en Letras. Facultad de Humanidades. UNL. Profesor de Lingüística del Discurso. ISP N° 1 y Lingüística General, ISP N° 8, Santa Fe. Investigador Categoría 1 (Programa Nacional de Incentivos). Director de la Licenciatura en Español Lengua Extranjera. Facultad de Humanidades y Ciencias UNL.


  • be a fully paid-up Member of any of FAAPI´s associations
  • submit a speaker proposal to FAAPI Conference Academic Committee (including biodata, abstract, summary and all other requirements explicitly stated in the Call for Papers)

Once your paper has been accepted by the Academic Committee and if you decide to apply for DFS, you should send the following in electronic format to

Subject: your surname_Daniel Fernandez Scholarship

  • a 150-word biodata
  • the complete speaker proposal and registration form (including biodata and presentation abstract), as submitted to the FAAPI Conference Academic Committee
  • the acceptance by the AC
  • a brief explanation of how you think you will benefit from attending the FAAPI conference as a first-time-speaker and how you plan to further share the experience among the members of your local association (about 150 words)

Although the criteria for selection established by the Academic Committee will be fully respected, FAAPI EC will choose the most appropriate proposal considering the following guidelines:

  • how long the applicant has been a FAAPI’s Association member
  • how the applicant will benefit from attending the FAAPI Conference
  • how the applicant plans to share the experience among the members of his/ her local association

If necessary, a special academic committee from FAAPI will make suggestions to the accepted paper.

The selected candidate will be notified by email and the final result will be published in FAAPI´s website and Facebook pages.

After attending the FAAPI Conference, the winner is expected to send
a 250-word report to FAAPI´s Executive Committee (emails mentioned above) sharing the winner´s experience of having attended a FAAPI Conference as a first-time presenter. FAAPI EC may decide to publish this report on its website or Facebook page.

The scholarship will cover

  • one registration to the Conference
  • one three-day accommodation in a three – star hotel



Online Course

Writing to be heard in FAAPI Conferences, an online course on Academic Writing. With a special grant from the A.S. Hornby Educational Trust


The year is about to end and we would like to share the launching of our Newsletter, which from now on will come out twice a year with news about FAAPI.

FAAPI San Juan 2016



Federación Argentina de Asociaciones de Profesores de Inglés (FAAPI)

Es una asociación sin fines de lucro que desde el año 1971 agrupa, a través de 27 Asociaciones locales, regionales y provinciales de Profesores de Inglés de la República Argentina, a todas las personas que posean título de la especialidad expedido por Universidades Nacionales, Provinciales y Privadas, Institutos Superiores del Profesorado e Instituciones similares reconocidas por el Ministerio de Educación de la Nación.

FAAPI, The Argentine Federation of Associations of Teachers of English is a registered non-profit organization founded in 1971. Through 27 local, regional and provincial Associations of Teachers of English, FAAPI affiliates all certified Teachers of English as a Foreign Language holding degrees granted by national, provincial and private universities, teachers” training colleges as well as other institutions recognized by the National Ministry of Culture and Education.