Argentinian Journal of
Applied Linguistics


Vol. 06, No. 02 (November 2018)

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Table of Contents
Editorial introduction PDF
Darío Luis Banegas and María Susana Ibáñez 4-6
Original articles
A socio-cognitive approach to the development of EFL writing skills through a collaborative online discussion forum in a university course PDF
Ileana Yamina Gava and Natalia Verónica Dalla Costa 6-25
Three theoretical approaches to L2/FL teaching put into practice PDF
Florencia Beltramino 26-32
Writing beyond the classroom: Insights on authenticity and motivation PDF
Grisel Roberts and Darío Luis Banegas 33-41
Understanding multilingualism and interculturalism from an Ecuadorian perspective PDF
Fabián Darío Rodas and Juan José Santillán 42-52
Plurilingualism in the new era: A conversation with Enrica Piccardo PDF
Yecid Ortega and Enrica Piccardo 53-69
Book review
¡A lingüistiquearla! PDF
María Celeste Luna 70-71
LGBTQ Voices in Education: Changing the Culture of Schooling PDF
Verónica E. Ferrari 72-74

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