GALA AWARD (Good Attendance and Loyalty Award) – 2019


FAAPI wants to express a well-deserved recognition to all the FAAPI Conference goers who attend our annual conference, even if it has meant making some significant sacrifices to attend them, and have loyally maintained close ties with their local association. This also applies to those who have helped to transform our yearly meeting NOT ONLY into the niche for both academic and professional advancement AND for sharing practical ideas and theory-driven methods, but also for creating social relations and unforgettable anecdotes.

A FAAPI Conference is in itself a challenging project, a utopian legacy and a real mandate to make it a federal experience. These are the underlying arguments which have made each Association bring these professional get-togethers into existence, in settings as diverse as metropolitan or provincial capital cities or small-town locations nationwide. Our loyal FAAPI conference goers can attest to that. The Gala Award is our humble expression of gratitude and appreciation.

AWARD Details

Award: The recipient will be awarded an Early Bird full registration fee and a printed award certificate.

The award is a one-time-only award and non-transferable.

If more than one candidate were to apply, all candidates will be placed in order of merit.

If the chosen candidate is not able to attend the conference, the following candidate in the list will be granted the award.

If two candidates achieve the same position in the list, the award will be granted via an online lots drawing software.

Candidates: FAAPI EC will consider attendants who can provide proof of consecutive attendance to the past 5 conferences or non-consecutive attendance to 7 conferences as from seven years before 2012.

AWARD Requirements

Candidates must include documentation from their local association as a proof of membership and history of attendance at the conference.

Candidates who win or have once won the award cannot apply again.

To enroll, click here or follow this link

Proof of attendance must be provided by the local association. This document should be sent by the candidate to the following email addresses: and

Deadline to fill in the form: two weeks before the deadline of Early Bird Registration

Once the recipient has been selected, FAAPI EC will ensure the publication of results and communication with the awarded candidate and the conference-organizing Association.