Webinar: Reading, rhyming and riddling in the EFL class: materials development to teach English through literature


We are offering a new online course, organised and delivered by Raquel Lothringer, María Susana Ibáñez and Flavia Bonadeo.

Though conferences, journals, symposiums, webinars, Moocs, academic networks and the like provide numberless opportunities for lifelong learning and in-service education, comparatively speaking, in these spaces of academic exchange, literature and the teaching of literature in the EFL class are given a Cinderella corner. For this reason and because the tutors consider teachers of English can innovate in their daily practice by introducing literary texts in their lessons, in this course they propose to put in the limelight some literary texts available through new media, to co-design materials for different contexts and to discuss their pedagogical potentialities.

The way in which a virtual place is designed implies a special way of thinking about teaching and of necessity impacts on the way participants relate to the object of study and to one another. In keeping with this assumption, this learning space has been planned as an interactive course since this format suits the purposes and aims of this proposal. The participatory nature of this type of space will secure opportunities to express view points via forums, to work collaboratively and to put into practice innovative activities. Another key feature of this proposal is that it fosters horizontal relationships and opportunities for hands-on experience. Besides, feedback from tutors and peers will contribute to pass on experience and ideas and help create a sense of community or common purpose among participants.

Estimated duration: four and a half months

More information coming soon